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Nothing’s changed….

… just my blogs kept disappearing and I was disheartened so stopped posting… what’s the point when I’m not being an exhibitionist and showing off my ability to type a few letters on to a keyboard 😛


Honestly life’s been diff degrees of shit… I’m feeling extremely lonely and alone.. and no one cares…. i think ppl have either had enough of me or just think I’ll bounce out of it… eventually… yeah about 21 years and counting.. I’m sure the ‘eventually’ will happen…. well… eventually!!!

My braindead job is on going.. and yes Im getting more stupid as everyday passes by.. literally it’s the kindda job you do when you like to leave your work at work and switch off once you walk out the door, or you have no confidence in yourself so feel it’s all you deserve, or your starting up in your career as there’s a lot to learn in this office .. I’ve just been here too long!

Instead of learning I’m yearning to learn something new.. and at the same time too demotivated to seek it out ….

I’m beyond bored, and sick of it all.. and genuinely it’s got to a point where I’m now waking up in the middle of the night turning over wishing for death and trying to get back to sleep.. that can’t be healthy the first thought when I wake is a prayer for death?!?!

Why won’t it just happen?


About k111me

One day I'll get the death I've longed for faaarrr too long.

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