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I found the problem_ _ _ _ _ _s

I’d say there’s one but that’d be lying to you, i have several:

1. Depression is hereditary: my mother had it and TA DAAAAAA so do I.. I’ve suffered depression since i was a kid

2. Loneliness: I have no one to really open up to, yes I speak to friends, but if something was bothering me would I pick up the phone and say ‘hey, i need to talk’? HELL NO! it would be uncalled for, and totally not the relationship I have with ppl. In fact my mobile phone hardly ever gets used for voice calls, and when it does its more ‘how’s that shopping list going’ than anything else.

3. A messy breakup: no screaming, so shouting, no shots fired …no mention of who’s done that lately!!!….. but 13 years and we’re done….

4. Loneliness: I feel more alone as I have no1 to talk things through with

5. Boredom: I have a LOT of time to twiddle my thumbs… and the devil makes evil thoughts for little worked brains… so I think a lot and that generally gets me low

6. Is anyone happy? It appears everyone around me is miserable, as much or more than me? I don’t know if you can measure that.. fact is everyone’s low.. may be it’s SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) or may be life’s shit and people should really take my advise and STOP HAVING CHILDREN… why put more ppl through life’s hell?

7. Nothing to look forward to: what’s to smile about? what’s to get up and go for? NOTHING

it’s all boring, dull, lonely, isolating, depressing.


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One day I'll get the death I've longed for faaarrr too long.

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