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Feel my wrath…

I genuinely feel for amenities companies who have to deal with me… I’ve worked in this job for 6 years… i’m unhappy… and HATE bad service. What most people fail to realise is though I’ve never worked for an electricity/gas/water company, I have to work with them everyday so i know their rules. I am fully aware what their staff can and cannot do.

Often I’m able to educate new staff on the limitations of their position.

Basically I’m what everyone hates, a very clued up customer, who you cannot shut up with things like ‘no this doesn’t work’ or ‘or systems are limited’ or ‘that’s a difference department’ or similar weak excuses.

Since encountering all this bad service I’ve realised the only think that gets people scared is complaints made against them, too many and you risk losing your job. And though that is NEVER my aim for people, if you choose not do your job properly I’m not the customer who will be quiet and let you be, I am not a walkover, and you will regret being lazy.

On the UP side… eventually when I’m stubborn and persistent my problems get sorted in one… VERY LONG.. call…

The DOWN side…. I hate upsetting people, genuinely it throws me off course, ruins my day, stresses me out.

I’m so done with guilt, wish it was something I could control, i feel guilty allll the time. Had to cancel on a friend cuz I’ve already made plans… i feel guilty cuz I let them down. Wasn’t able to help someone… guilty. Current job… stuck here outta guilt… guilt rules my life and ruins it too.


I want to be free and relax and just be.


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One day I'll get the death I've longed for faaarrr too long.

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